​mpt nOw

​a total wellness solution

"MPT Now is the best personal training studio in my opinion. You have the chance to work with two trainers who center around you.  They push, but not too hard as they see fit. They turn your can't into can. They work with you on all aspects of training and nutrition a complete package and truly make it personal."

Julie S.

"I can't say enough about John and Kristin. They motivate our group with amazing, well rounded, FUN workouts every week. During our workouts, they educate us on fitness & nutrition. They are attentive, non-judgmental and make each of us in the group feel as though we are their only focus. Because they care for you as a whole person (not just fitness), they get to know you & your goals & help you succeed in reaching them. One of my favorite qualities is their ability to recognize that each person is different. From there, they are realistic in their expectations and help each person modify the workout to suit their body, fitness level and expertise...without sacrificing your dignity or missing out on a true fitness session. If you are searching for Personal Trainers, you must give John & Kristin a call!" 

Tami G.

"Kristin and John are great! They really know how to help everyone and great at modifying for my needs!!"

Tiffany L

"wish i found this couple earlier. wonderful couple, great insights.".

Cynthia H.

"john is the best trainer i have ever worked with. he makes it his goal to understand your individual goals and develops a plan that is tailored to get those results with both nutrition and exercise. he makes himself available for you and your schedule and really cares about your success. john inspires you to be your very best and helps with every step along the way."

Dave H.